Thursday, March 8, 2012

UMAMIcatessen (Los Angeles - Downtown)



Bourbon Pig with Pig's Ear Garnish.  Now that is a garnish worth eating!

Unlike the staff at Artisan House that looked dazed and confused for a fraction of the people there on opening night, these guys/girls were on their game for the deluge of people that showed up for their soft opening.  I was super-impressed.  We met a bartender (Samuelson) during the brief amount of time we were there and he was beyond accommodating.  Both he and the lady bartender, shown in the photo above, were super nice and made me feel like returning soon.  Well, that and the fact that they have a Mezcal Lemonade Slushie!  I'm in! 

The full-house and Chef Chris Cosentino (in his cooking apron) waaaaay in the back talking to some diners.  I can't wait to try the Crispy Pigs Ears with Brainaise Sauce from his Pigg portion of the UMAMIcatessen Menu.  

A portion of the Cocktail Menu containing the description of what I had.  All cocktails are between $10 and $12.  Happy Hour coming soon!

The view of the people spilling over onto the street while waiting for a table.  Early bird catches the worm...or piggy in this case.


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