Sunday, March 11, 2012

UMAMIcatessen (Los Angeles - Downtown)


We meet again.

I've had my eyes on you since we first met.

Then again, I have also been wanting to return for the cocktails.  So why not kill 2 birds (piggies in this case) with one stone!  Bourbon Pig - the reprise.

As I always say, why have Pigs Ears as a garnish when you can order them by the cone?!  Here, they are accompanied with a Brainaise Sauce.

"Can you hear me now?"  Loud and clear, Pigg.

Mezcal Slushy - This is nowhere to be found on the menu so I'm glad I was privy to this.  Who said Mezcal can't be refreshing?  This was basically a Semi-Frozen Mezcal Lemonade or a Smokey Margarita Icee.  I will try to replicate this at home in the coming days so stay tuned.

Pork Corn - the hits keep on coming.  No actual pork is found integrated with the popcorn buuuuut the kernels are popped with heated pork lard.  The essence of pork is subtle but definitely present.  

Menu description for some of the snacks we had.

Teal Goose - Truffle Salt, Celery Juice, Kiwi Juice, Lime, Sugar & Grey Goose.  I am not a vodka drinker be any means but this vodka cocktail was the best I have ever had.  I can see myself drinking endless ones of these over Sunday Brunch.  The Bloody Mary/Maria might have met her match.

Portion of the Cocktail Menu.

Cone 'O Cracklin's Splashed with Sherry Vinegar and spiced lightly with sage.

A Closer inspection.  Feel free to click on the image and again on the next page for a 3D version.  =)  Mmmmm Pork Rinds. 

Downtown Rise - or as I like to call it, Fuck a Tequila Sunrise.

Description of the Downtown Sunrise and other cocktails. 

Break time - Let's take a look at the bar shall we?  And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Micha-Mami - Yet another great brunch cocktail or sporting event drink. 

Micha-Mami description and more drinks.

Over on the Umami Hamburger side of things...

The Manly Burger -  Beef Patty, Beer-Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Bacon Lardons & Fried Smoked-Salt Onion Strings.

Citrus Tree - Rum, Red & Green Grapes, Lychee Liqueur, Fresh Lime & Sugar.

Bourbon Barrels along the back of the restaurant.  I've been seeing or noticing these a lot more ever since I began watching Boardwalk Empire.

Pigg Style Fries - aka "animal-stylefriesaintgotshitonthesefries" - Pickled Peppers, Ham Puree & Brainaise.

Velvet Mule - Vodka, Velvet Falernum, Lime, Ginger Beer & Angostura Bitters.

Foie Gras Donut for Dessert?

Urban Trader - Aged Rums, Apricot Liqueur, St. Vincent Orgeat, Pineapple & Lime Juice.  Finished with Freshly Grated Nutmeg.  This drink went down way too easy.  It had very little kick at all but damn it was good.  The Urban Trader was a very beachy, pool-side, island style drink.  

 Tres Leches Donut.

Per our hard-working bartender's recommendation, in the end, we went with Bianca's favorite -  the Tres Leches Donut.  I'm glad it wasn't a soggy mess like the traditional cake can be.  This donut rivals the Maple Bacon Donut I had at the LA Fair, as the best donut I've tasted.  

& a Donut logo.

I neglected this aspect of the menu/restaurant.  But fear not; I shall return for you.

This night, belonged to Pigg.

A special hello goes out to Tom who we met while enjoying our food n drinks at the bar. 



  1. Hey Memo,
    Sorry for the misunderstanding, I find a lot of photos that I like on Yelp. Let me know what photo is yours and I will take it off if you'd like. I live only a block away so I can go back and take my own :)

    Thanks! Chrisitna
    PS I really like your blog!

  2. Hi Christina!

    Thanks. You have a fantastic blog. I love your camera. hahah You take such great photos!

    So why are you soiling your blog with my dingy pics? :o)

    Just kidding. You can grab whatever you'd like. Just be careful; there are those people that don't even care if you cite your source. They'll want you to ask permission before you use their "work."

    The pic you used, was of your favorite drink. I don't mind if you use it. Looking over your blog, that pic looked familiar to me, so I thought I'd give you some lip over it. All in good fun!

    Anyway, I look forward to following you along your downtown adventures. Good stuff!