Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wood Spoon (Los Angeles - Downtown)



Strawberry Lemonade & Sangria.  The Lemonade was thicker than most berry lemonades and I liked that.  I'm a big fan of pulp in my juices and this beverage hit the spot.  I don't know if they shook it before serving, but it came out frothy and looked fresh.  Nice bartending trick.  As for the Sangria, it had bits of strawberry, blueberry and grapes in it and it was spiced with cinnamon.  It was one of the better Sangrias I have had in awhile.

Mixed Plate - Coxinha, Potato Croquette, Portuguese Croquette, Pastel Portuguese & Kibe.  My least favorite of the bunch was the Kibe, but the rest were awesome.  I just wish the dish came with more sauce.

Calabreza Sausage & Yucca Fries Served with Ketchup and Yellow Mustard.  This is my third time having Yucca Fries.  The only other place I have had them, was at Zengo.  I like them here better.

Pork Burger - I liked the burger but I officially hate potato buns.  Not even a good toast can help them stay in one piece.  The bun is just too soft so any heft or juiciness within the burger, renders the bun a soggy disintegrating mess.  Luckily for me, I eat rather quickly so the damage was limited.  As far as flavor goes; the pork patty is seasoned heavily with pepper.  To some people, it would be too much.  But for me, I found the heat very soul-satisfying, welcoming and warm - Chef Natalia, on a plate.        

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Yam Fries.  While I liked this homey sandwich, it reminded me of a fish sandwich I tasted here before.  Not that the fish and chicken tasted similarly, but they were both dishes that anyone could have made at home.  They were both good and filling but nothing that stood out.  Fine for a casual lunch but not as satisfying for dinner.  The fish and chicken sandwiches seem like throw-in's on the menu compared to the more thoughtfully created pork burger.  

The fish and chicken sandwiches remind me of something I would have had waiting for me at home after coming home from Junior High School.  Meanwhile, the Pork Burger reminded me of something I would have had waiting for me at a friend's house, if her mom knew I would be coming over to eat.  One was prepared just to get you through the day, while the other one was made with a little extra care.

Main entrees, including the description of the Pork Burger & Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Place Setting or Plate Setting?  Anyway, you get the idea. 

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