Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Congregation Ale House Chapters (Pasadena)



This was my first visit to this "Chapter" of Congregation Alehouse but I've been to the one in Long Beach before.

We were a bit late for Mass (Happy Hour), yet the place was still full.

Portion of the menu.

Even though I always get the Grilled Rib Eye Burger, I wish it were bigger.  During Mass, you can get it for $6 - a great deal.

Want to know if you are wearing beer goggles?  Look away at the chalkboard.  Yup, I'd say the goggles were on that night.

 Epic Sour Apple Saison & Craftsman' Juniper Ale.

 One day I'll try some of their cocktails. 

The Last Rights intrigues me for dessert.

 Continuing with the Church theme.

Menu Cover.


  1. Oh Man! Is this where I should be Sunday Mornings instead of St. James church??? Hahaha

  2. Well, Chrisp, I wouldn't necessarily condone that sort of behavior.

    Then again, I wouldn't exactly condemn it either! =)

    Since Sunday seems to be of particular concern here, perhaps you could attend "Mass" at Congregation during the week??

    Heck, why not double-up on Sunday and visit Congregation for their brunch! No conflicts there, right?

    I've yet to check out their brunch so I'd be interested to hear about it!