Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Golden Gopher (Los Angeles - Downtown)


The Golden Gopher.

Lilly's Peach Lambic & Tap's Cream Ale.  I didn't care for the Cream Ale.  Very drinkable but too light in flavor for my taste.  As far as the Peach Lambic goes; while good, it's on the sweet side for me but very approachable for anyone who doesn't particularly like beer.  Then again, I don't really consider Lambics beer, but their own entity.  I also had a Saison from Cismontane Brewery which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Sorry, no pic.  Then again, the photographs of beers all pretty much look the same, right?  Perhaps if I had purchased a bottled beer, the label would have provided something to truly look at.  But since I got it on tap, I felt it kinda pointless.

Lilly's been talking shhhhhh☼t ever since I lost to Jessie at Tony's Saloon.  Finally, after many botched attempts to take her on at wack-ass Lika Club in Cudahy, I finally got my chance to shut her God-damn pie hole.  Sure, I made my obligatory 8 Ball before it was time in the first game, but when push came to shove in game #2, I won fair and square - albeit with a miraculous shot.  Scoreboard: Memo 1, Lilly ½ [We agreed to count the equivalent of Samurai Seppuku (offing oneself by making the 8 ball prematurely) as ½ loss/win].  Take some, Lilly! Uggghhh! ☺  Oh, what, you want some too, Harris??  Hahah


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