Friday, April 20, 2012

Income Tax Cocktail

Income Tax Cocktail.

I picked this book up almost a year ago and while I found the etymology of certain drinks and the overall evolution of cocktails a great read, I don't think I'll be making too many of the drinks found inside.  Way too many of them are overwrought with obscure ingredients or ingredients that are no longer made.  Anyway, I did find a few cocktails I can make. 

Like this one, befitting of Income Tax Day.

A lil tidbit about this libation.

What I specifically used to make the drink.

This is how I put it together.  I ditched the orange wheel garnish in favor of a knotted-twist and I approximated 1 ounce of fresh orange juice for the 1/4 wedge of orange they asked for.

What I ended up with was a perfect pour - filled to the brim.  I just love when that happens.

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