Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fig @ The Fairmont Miramar Hotel (Santa Monica)


Menu Cover.

Chillin' poolside.

So that means...COCKTAIL TIME.  I got Beet Me Loud.

Cocktail Menu.

Jessie's Hot Mop.

Bacon Wrapped Bacon.  

Kampachi Crudo, Hearts of Palm, Citrus, Diakon.

Chicken & Prosciutto Croquettes.

Prusciutto & Gherkins.

Honey Under My Kilt.

"Three Fingers of Glenlivet...

...with a little bit of pepper and some cheese."

Queso Fundido - Quesillo, Rajas de Poblano, Chorizo, Red Onions, Cilantro & Tortillas.

Agnolotti with fresh corn and sweet rock shrimp.

This beer paired so well with the food we had.  Heck, it's damn fine on it's own.  Considering the weather and the pool, I wish I could have had another.  I gotta get me another bottle of this.

 Pork Rib Eye, Ham Hock, Jalapeno Grits & Green Tomato.

Happy Birthday, Jessie you lazy fuck!

Fig @ 5 is awesome.  50% off everything but the tasting menu and steaks.  Sorry, Jessie. I owe you a big fat juicy...ahem.  Yes, you read correctly.  From 5 - 6 pm, everything is 50% off - that includes beer, wine & cocktails.  Now that, my friends, is a Happy Hour to end all Happy Hours.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Copa d' Oro (Santa Monica)


Still my favorite west side bar.

"Because you can..." portion of the menu.


Because I can't...I got the $5 Tommy's Margarita off of their Happy Hour Menu.

We didn't stay too long because we were gonna check out the cocktail program from Copa's very own head bartender at a newly opened bar just up the road.  I just wanted to bring Jessie to Copa to show him the ridiculous menu.  On a side note, a new cocktail menu is due out on 5/30.  I look forward to trying a few in the coming months. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tacos Leo (Mid-City West)


What's my favorite taco?  Hands down, Al Pastor.  When made proper, it's tough to beat.  The best al pastor in Los Angeles can be found on Venice & La Brea.  If and when you go (I implore you), be sure to check out the taquero as he skillfully flickers pineapple off of the trompo and catches the slices mid-flight with the tortilla in hand.  

After an extensive night of drinking, I could have eaten all 6 of these babies.  Still not full, but having eaten plenty earlier, I decided to only eat 3 of these $1 tacos.  Every al pastor taco is plated with a sliver of pineapple on top.  You can dress them further at the salsa bar set up on the side.  Aside from a sprinkling of cilantro and onions, I'd add just a touch of salsa roja to spice it up a touch.  To fully appreciate this magnificent taco, you definitely want to keep the add-ons to a minimum.

This is as clear a shot of the truck I'll ever get.  It gets packed here folks.

Michael's (Santa Monica)


Happy Hour on Saturday?  From 6 - Close?  I'm in!

The Happy Hour Cocktail Menu.

Mexican Sword Fight - This is essentially a margarita with the addition of smoked salt.

The Happy Hour Eats Menu.

Grilled Shishito Peppers - Ever since I first tried these at Aburiya Toranoko, I must have them anytime I see them on a menu.

The [not so] Regular Cocktail Menu - I have to say, head bartender Jason Robey makes some of the most creative drinks on the West Side.

The 15th State.  

The [not so] Regular Cocktail Menu pt II -  Another reason I love this guy's drinks are his use of mezcal and tequila.


I'd be staring intently as well if I had a seat at the bar.  Okay, maybe I'm overstating it - maybe.

Jidori "Chicken and Waffle" Wings.  Accompanied by a bourbon maple sauce, these waffle-battered wings made me not miss the waffle at all.  I just wish it came with a vinegary hot sauce to balance out some of the sweetness.  Still, I'd order these again in a heartbeat.