Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blue Cow kitchen & bar (Los Angeles - Downtown)



The Mascot?

Old Fashioned on tap you say?  I was skeptical at first.

Now I'm a believer. The Pecan Old Fashioned was great.

I was going to order another drink but the food came flying out of the kitchen.  Perhaps next time.  I am particularly interested in the Gin & Tonic Experiment.

For the first time ever, when we were told of the nightly specials, our server told us the price of the dishes (without leaving us wondering how much they cost or feeling too embarrassed to ask).  Finally!

Crudité with Walnut Hummus, Romesco & Tzatziki.

Pink Eggs & Ham - Beet-marinated egg, double-smoked bacon & pickled jalapeño.

Pork Belly Banh Mini on Crepe Tacos.

Blistered Green Beans in Chili-infused Dashi Broth.

Blue Cow's Mendo Steak Sandwich - Marinated steak, arugula, roasted tomato, candied bacon, caramelized onions & cilantro spread on grilled bread.

When they bring out your check, it comes inside of a notebook filled with other diner's comments, drawings and other silliness.  

Our server encouraged us to add something so long as it wasn't too obscene.

Well, that pretty much narrowed it down to a game of hangman or tic-tac-toe.  Oh well, Memo wins again. =)

I kinda wanted to sit in the patio. 

You're practically at the base of one of the skyscrapers so the view is pretty grand.

But the inside of the restaurant is aesthetically pleasing as well.  As you enter, you'll see some light fixtures in the shape of whisks, a dough hook, and a mixing paddle.

To your right, an open kitchen.

And straight ahead, you'll see this huge sign and what I think is a counter for take-out orders.

Blue Cow is a fun place at night to grab some food and have a few drinks.  I wouldn't mind coming back at all.  The food is tasty, the atmosphere is lively and the staff is delightful.   

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