Monday, May 7, 2012

La Cuevita (Highland Park)



Formerly known as.

On your way into the bar, you'll first enter through a really nice looking patio (and even nicer once the sun sets).

There's another patio around the corner, behind the bar but I prefer the aforementioned patio better.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, or as I like to say, Happy Weekend to me!

Because I made it a point to arrive during their grand opening and I wanted to be  one of the first 50 peeps to mention Thrillist, we were able to enjoy $2 shots of Sino Reposado Tequila.  La Cuevita had a guy making tacos and they were free, but we left before he had a chance to set up.  But that's not why we came.


...and this is why we came out here.

My Mezcalada.


Mole Manhattan - which you can also get at their sister bar, The Thirsty Crow.  For me, this is was the best tasting cocktail of the 4 we had.

Their namesake drink, La Cuevita.  This was the easiest-drinking cocktail.  It reminded me a lot of Thirsty Crow's signature drink, both in appearance and flavor - its just a very refreshing Moscow Mule-esque beverage but with Mezcal!

It's a rather small bar when you consider the spacious room and patios.  

They had $2 Tecates to celebrate Drinko de Mayo, but if I wanted a brew it would be Green Flash Brewing Co's IPA - the one next to Schlitz?!  Wow!

Hey, what do you know, FREE TACOS on Tuesdays! 

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