Sunday, May 20, 2012

Short Order @ The Original Farmers Market (Los Angeles - Mid-City West)


"Now, what's the time?" - Adam "MCA" Yauch. 
Talk about sad.  Yes, I was a fan. 

On a different "tip," I'm also a fan of good burgers and this place did not disappoint.

Just 2 days ago, Short Order was the featured restaurant on Black Board Eats.  Now, being the hamburger & cocktail guy that I am, I quickly snagged a password and hit up my partner in crime to join in on the deal.  The $15 combo featured an off-the-menu burger and 1 of the first 3 cocktails listed above.

I got "Blow The Whistle," while Jessie opted for a...

...Frisco Sour.  The drinks were perfect for Sunday brunch.

They have a good tap list but beer wasn't part of the deal.  All the same, I can personally vouch for Bruery's Trade Winds Triple and Eagle Rock's Revolution aint shabby either.

   Cocktail-wise they have other drinks that are more my style, but considering the time of day and day, for that matter, perhaps it was best to restrict what I could drink.  I mean, I could have ordered a boozier drink on top of the drink that came with the deal.  I could have tried some craft beer too, but with the weather being gorgeous, the drinks we had were appropriate.

  We dined upstairs.  You'll miss this old school manual lawnmower as you walk up, but on the way down, you'll see it front and center.  What ever happened to ours, I wonder.  Hmmm

This was my side view.  Initially, I wanted to sit in the patio upstairs for the view overlooking the commotion on 3rd street but that was restricted by the sun guard they had rolled down.  Oh well.  Better to eat comfortably under the shade than get broiled by the sun I suppose.

Rocky Mountain Burger - "The juicy burger combines three different cuts of Boulder Valley Natural Beef—short rib, flat iron steak, and brisket—stacked with crisp iceberg lettuce, aged cheddar, twin lashings of espresso-ancho BBQ sauce, and crunchy fried shallots coated in seasoned cornmeal batter that incorporates cayenne, paprika, and two powders: garlic and onion" - Joshua Lurie (BBE).

After a few bites, the burger quickly became a mess.  The first thing I noticed was that the patty was loosely formed and that's when I noticed the coarsest grind of ground beef I have ever had.  I appreciated the texture and beefiness from all of the cuts they used to form the patty.  I wasn't bothered at all by the messiness.  It was a joy to eat.  The only thing I would have liked more of, was seasoning on the patty and the one thing I could have done without, was lettuce.  Aside from that, the fried shallots and bbq sauce were perfect accompaniments for this burger.  I'd like to see it added to their regular menu.  I think it would become an instant favorite.

Not to be outdone, the Short Order Spuds with Sour Cream & Bacon Dipping Sauce are something I would like to eat again.  Well, I still have another password/code that's good til July 17 so I hope to make a return visit.

Not that I care much about this sort of thing, but for those people that do and truly make a conscious effort [and not just throw around phrase words to appeal to the masses], I applaud and thank you for the care you put into your craft.

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