Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blind Barber (Culver City)


Wait, is this Memoeats... or Memogetsahaircutat...?  Well, you could get a $40 haircut here and enjoy a free cocktail.  Or... can walk through this door to enter...

 ...Blind Barber.

It's a Bar!  A speakeasy, to be exact.  And that's Greg, by the way.  He is the head bartender and the person that made our drinks.

 This bar is a transplant from back east.  Their original outpost, under the same concept, is in New York.

I wasn't digging some of the cocktails on the menu so I asked if they had Mezcal.  They did, so I proceeded to ask for a Mezcal cocktail.  He mixed fresh tomato juice with lime, basil, agave syrup and the mezcal I wanted.  I liked the cocktail a lot but I would have preferred it even more if he had used some smokier stuff.  I didn't recognize the Mezcal he used and I found it, not as potent as I would have liked.

 Sweet Ginger Brown.

Part 1 of the cocktail menu.

For our 2nd and last round we went on a more aromatic route so we went off-menu - bartender's choice.  Jessie wanted a stiff Mezcal drink so he got this.

Part 2 of the drink menu.

I also wanted a stronger presence of the booze in my drink so I got this rye whiskey and dry vermouth number.  Neither of the drinks we ordered in round 2 had a name and I wasn't able to catch everything that went into them.  I apologize for the vague descriptions.

The also have a short food menu but we had already eaten elsewhere.  Perhaps next time.

These guys have barely been open for a little over a month.  The day we went, it was still early so there were no more than 10 people there.  But by the time we left, things were starting to come alive.  I'd like to come back soon and see how things are when they are in full swing.  It seems like a cool little spot to hang out, drink a little, snack a little and enjoy some music.  When we left, the dj was just showing up.  I wonder what kinda booty-shakin' joints this dude spins.  Hmm Only one way to find out.  Til next time...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zipangu (Costa Mesa)


The logo.

Ya, I think I'll pass on the orgasm here and have a beer instead.

Not my cup of tea, but it will do.

Like I've said before, whenever I see these suckers on the menu, I must have them.  Later, I found out that they have charcoal grilled shishito peppers.  These were good.  I'm sure the others are better. 


Ruination 10 Year Anniversary


Stone's Ruination DIPA - 10 Year Anniversary Edition.

I'm not so sure I agree.  Do you? 

Some of the story behind this beer.

The rest of the story.

The original Ruination came in at a respectable 7.7%  With the addition of more malt, this reincarnation weighs in at a hefty 10.8% abv. No wonder I'm a fan!  They cranked up the hops by an additional 5 lbs for this anniversary edition as well.  Get it while you can people.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tacos La Movidita (Los Angeles - Echo Park)


They have a truck again [with silly caricatures on the side]. 

La Movidita, aka Bellevue Steakhouse.  Why do I get a feeling that some cholos coerced these nice people into putting this sign up?  I'm not sure what to think.

 I ordered 4 tacos - 2 chorizo and 2 of suadero (brisket).  The tacos are handed to you naked, doubled-up with tortilla with a lot of meat and a crisp deep fried tostada.

 Then, the fun begins at the salsa bar.  Here, they offer cilantro, pickled onion, lime, radish, a loose avocado salsa, tomatillo salsa, a tomato based salsa and a roasted dry chile and tomatillo salsa.

I swapped a chorizo taco for an al pastor taco with Jessie and dressed them to my liking.  These tacos were fanstastic.  Just looking at the photograph is making me crave them again.  These guys are known for their suadero but my favorite was the chorizo.  Another thing that stood out to me was that they didn't skimp out on the meat.  Now these, are tacos done right.  I'll be back to try more. 

Golden Road Brewing (Glendale)


The Logo above the bar.

I had been meaning to check out some more breweries but when I went to Golden Road, well, it wasn't even on my itinerary an hour prior.  The plan had been to get back from work, shower, get ready and pick up the road-dogg to do any number of things - none of which included going to a brewery.

  See, Jessie doesn't do beer.  But Memo does and on this day [like any other day] Memo was driving.  So Memo trumps Jessie!  Anyhow, the sole reason for my trip out here was to try a certain beer.  While I was getting dolled-up (hahaha), I was quickly scouring the day's emails...when I came across a limited production of Añejo Tequila Barrel-Aged Hef from Golden Road.  Say no more - I was off to the races!  

Although I only had one beer, it was worth the trip.  The beer was on the boozier side which I love.  It was crisp with all the elements of a good Hef but extra carbonation and a finish where you could decidedly taste the oak and agave from the tequila.  This is my kind of Summer beer!  If they ever can this stuff, I'd like to make a Michelada of it.  Next time I come here, and there will be a next time, I want to try some of the food.  I love that this brewery has food on the premises and not just a truck or two outside.  While, Golden Road doesn't make the beers I like the best, I like their facility the most.  I mean, c'mon, beer and food.