Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Commissary Lounge (Costa Mesa)


The bar/lounge is non nondescript from the outside.  Inside you'll find 2 tv sets - each playing cult classics.  I recognized Fight Club on one screen.  They also show other random things - porn being one of them!  Ahem, sorry I didn't mean to sound so excitedThey also show adult themed movies.  Shhh!  

I wasn't swayed by their vodka-based cocktails so I went with an old standby - Delirium Tremens.

I could do without the first 3.  I wanted to try Bootlegger's Rustic Rye but time got away from us.  Next time.

Chimay Tripel (White).

I wouldn't make it a point to visit this bar especially since I live nearly 40 miles away but it's okay if you're in the area.  The atmosphere is relaxed, the people are laid back and the bartender we had was welcoming.

If you do visit, however, be forewarned...after 15 years of coming to the LAB, parking continues to suck.  Think you'll have better luck across the street?  Think again.


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