Monday, June 25, 2012

El Taquito Mexicano Truck (Pasadena)


Let's bottom line this, shall we?

Lo que me gusto:  The flavor was decent but what stood out was the juiciness of the meats.

Lo que no me gusto:  The texture of the meat.  I ordered 4 different meat fillings/toppings.  The guys must have gone cleaver-happy in there because every singe taco had the meat hacked to the point that they resembled the tuna you'd have in tuna salad.  The meat was complete mush.  

Another thing that bummed me out was that they dress the taco for you.  No salsa bar.  Boooo!  I don't like every taco dressed exactly the same way.  Some, I want with a squeeze of lime, some with salsa verde, others with salsa roja, etc.  

I had higher hopes for this truck.  But as soon as I saw a line of patrons that included all walks of life MINUS MEXICANS...well that immediately raised a flag.  

Sorry, Tany/Christine, but the consensus between my carnivorous friend and I was that we cannot agree with your assessment of this place.  However, there are other places where we were unanimous in our opinions regarding places you enjoy.  Perhaps one day I will share my thoughts on those.  Hahaha  But for now, I must say that these little tacos were not satisfactory, not even after a long night of drinking.  Now that is saying something.  Next!  ;) 

The Truck.

The Menu.

An assortment of tacos.

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