Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Golden Road Brewing (Glendale)


The Logo above the bar.

I had been meaning to check out some more breweries but when I went to Golden Road, well, it wasn't even on my itinerary an hour prior.  The plan had been to get back from work, shower, get ready and pick up the road-dogg to do any number of things - none of which included going to a brewery.

  See, Jessie doesn't do beer.  But Memo does and on this day [like any other day] Memo was driving.  So Memo trumps Jessie!  Anyhow, the sole reason for my trip out here was to try a certain beer.  While I was getting dolled-up (hahaha), I was quickly scouring the day's emails...when I came across a limited production of Añejo Tequila Barrel-Aged Hef from Golden Road.  Say no more - I was off to the races!  

Although I only had one beer, it was worth the trip.  The beer was on the boozier side which I love.  It was crisp with all the elements of a good Hef but extra carbonation and a finish where you could decidedly taste the oak and agave from the tequila.  This is my kind of Summer beer!  If they ever can this stuff, I'd like to make a Michelada of it.  Next time I come here, and there will be a next time, I want to try some of the food.  I love that this brewery has food on the premises and not just a truck or two outside.  While, Golden Road doesn't make the beers I like the best, I like their facility the most.  I mean, c'mon, beer and food.     

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