Thursday, June 7, 2012

Santa Rita, Jalisco Truck (Los Angeles - Hazard)


The truck.

It's parked most of the day and night right next to...their own [closed] restaurant?  I don't get it - nor am I trying to.

1 order of Pescuesos yields 4 deep-fried chicken necks and 2 tortillas.  You can get them plain or with everything (cilantro, onions and a mild salsa).  They only give you 2 tortillas because you really can't make more than 2 tacos out of these things.  Basically, you strip off chunks from 2 chicken necks and your taco is complete.  Dip into the salsa and enjoy.  To get any more meat out of these suckers, you'll just have to gnaw on them.

Chicken necks indeed.

They have other things on the menu so if you wanna get full, you have options.

The restaurant that they never seem to use has a few tables set up outside for your convenience.  Oh, and if you want to enter LA's worst restroom, behind this restaurant and around a table full of counterfeit colognes, perfumes, trinkets and what-nots, you'll find it.  Don't say I didn't warn you!


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