Monday, June 4, 2012

Silo Vodka Bar (Los Angeles - Downtown)


Yes, I went to a vodka bar.

I repeat; I, Memo Diaz, went to a vodka bar - willingly, I might add.  Then again, when you think about it, aren't most everyday bars, vodka bars at their core?  It seems to me they'll sprinkle in rum for a mojito, tequila for a margarita, Jack Daniel's for some Jack n Coke blended thing...and gin, I rarely see it on a cocktail menu.  But what you will see in abundance is, vodka.  Gummy Bear flavored vodka, marshmallow flavored vodka, whipped cream flavored vodka...and on and on and on.  Well, to Silo's credit, most of their vodkas are pure as can be and the composition of the cocktails are such that the flavor in the drinks come from real fruits, fresh herbs and spices and not some artificially-infused Skittles tasting liquid. Yuck.     

That being said, vodka is still not my cup of tea.  Luckily for me, they do carry a few other spirits as well as beer.  I went with their version of the Penicillin - The Doctor's Orders (Famous Grouse Scotch, Lemon, Honey & Ginger).

We actually came here to eat though.  We shared 3 different kinds of sliders.  One was a basic bacon, cheddar slider which I enjoyed the best.  The "Siloshimi" had grilled ahi, avocado salsa, crispy wonton, pickled radish, sesame & sprouts.

The third of the trio was the "Tugged Pig."  Essentially a pulled pork sandwich, this slider needed more coleslaw for moisture and crunch.

We also got an order of sweet potato fries shaped like mini churros.  These were very good.  They came drizzled with a little bit of honey and a side of chipotle-ketchup dipping sauce.


Speaking of sauces, one of my favorite sauces is Chimichurri.  When I saw that they had, I had to order it.  Well, I was let down.  This was the worst chimichurri I have tasted.  It was mostly oil, almost no vinegar and the herbs were very few and/or muted.  The sauce was bland and the grilled chicken was bland.  Disappointing.

The view from the bar downstairs.  They have a small patio but I'd skip it - too many transients around.

If you wanna people watch, do it from their 2nd floor overlooking 7th street.

Downstairs can get a bit loud.  I liked the upstairs arrangement better.  There, you'll also find the Silo Freezer where you can sample vodkas in their purest form at a chilly 28°F.  I believe this is LA's only other vodka freezer alternative - the other being Vodbox inside Nick's of Beverly Hills.  And of course, you have Red Square and Minus 5° out in the dessert.  Okay, enough vodka talk [for the year].  I'm out!


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