Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spirit House Bar (Monterey Park)


The bar/lounge is on the 2nd floor of this rundown hotel.

Spirit House has a patio, complete with fire pit, that is actually quite nice.

The bar is just beginning to take shape.  The spirits selection is small but as soon as I inquired about a certain selection that they do not carry, out came the pen and pad.  I met the owner David, the manager Kim and the awesome bartender Sybil, whom I apparently worked with while I was at Aburiya Toranoko.  Small world.  Anyway, the bar is still a work in progress but they're eager to bring their vision to light.  They currently have 5 taps available but they are looking to expand to 30 or so, not including the Keg Room (coming soon). 

Speaking of beer, I had a Samurai Barley Ale. 

Mama's Little..., Amstel, Stella and Asahi need to go yesterday.

Abita Turbodog.  

Check-in using Yelp and score yourself a free bacon n cheddar slider.  I don't know if it was because I hadn't eaten all day, but this was a damn good no-frills mini-burger.  

The Taps List.

Sybil makes her own shiso-infused rum for her twist on the mojito. 

I wouldn't call the frozen daiquiri a classic...but here is part 1 of the drink menu.

White Noise.

Part II of the drink menu.

Sybil was sweet enough to offer us some goodies to munch on while we waited for our food.  The entire bartending staff has or had prior experience behind the stick at Far Bar in Little Tokyo, so you know they are up to snuff on the beer scene.  I still think they could upgrade on the cocktail front.  Hmmm, I might just inquire within - I like the potential.  That aside, Tuesday is band night and on weekends, the djs play.  You can make reservations and not commit to bottle service which I think is cool.  I'll see you guys again soon.  I like the place, just not the hotel.

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