Sunday, June 24, 2012

Super Stack (Downey)


Another [semi] gourmet burger joint opens in Downey.

Better than what burgers?   

The Menu.

The Dining Room.  

We came to lunch on Monday, just a few days after they had opened for business.  When we arrived, the place was empty and the employees looked bored out of their minds.  Soon after, the lunch crowd started to trickle in and the workers snapped back to life.

The patio.

We met the owner who also happened to run the former Mexican restaurant (and still owns 3rd Street Coffee) that once stood at this exact address.  She shuttered that business for this upscale burger concept.  She was eager to find out how we heard about the restaurant, what we liked and what we would like to see in the future.

I told her I appreciated her effort to bring better burgers to the whack side of town.  The prices are affordable but I just don't know how the majority of the public will receive them.  The burgers are moderately priced but they do not include a beverage or fries.  Most people around here will assume that the price of the burger includes the "combo."  

Looking over the menu, I noticed that the burgers are elevated but I wouldn't call them gourmet just yet.  Ya, they use romaine rather than the typical head of lettuce...but how about some arugula, some thicker cut bacon, some more sauces and dips?  I upgraded my regular fries to Garlic Parmesan Fries and they weren't worth it.  The garlic was powdered and the parmesan tasted like it was from that green can.  No bueno.

I understand the fine line businesses like these have to walk.  You want to make food a certain way, but then you have to charge accordingly or you run the risk of having your business fail.  So I guess I can empathize with them not going full throttle with the gourmet thing.  You have to consider the neighborhood you are in and the type of customers that walk between those doors when you open everyday. 

With all that said, this place is one of the better burger joints in the area.  I'd still take LA Buns over Super Stack though.  And on a broader scope of things, this place would be about par for the course.  I'm not sure I'd return anytime soon but I'd certainly vouch for it for anyone willing to try it.  

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