Sunday, June 3, 2012

Viva! Grill (South Gate)


It's been awhile since I've gone to a new "eatery" in South Gate.  So when I came across a deal for Viva! Grill, I jumped at the opportunity.  Why not, right?  "Support local businesses whenever you can," I always say.  Okay, I'm lying.  I never once said that.  And if you are a loyal follower of this blog, you'd know I was lying.  I frequent more places that are 10, 20, 30+ miles away.  Anyhow, this one time, I felt compelled to contribute to the aspirations of a new restaurant owner.  Currently, I'm personally lending a hand to a friend and new restaurant owner, so I know first-hand the roller coaster of emotions one experiences, I know the toil and stress one must endure.  It's a scary thing when so much is invested. 

Well, off I went to Goals Soccer Centers??  Huh?  Ya, the weird thing about this place is, it's located inside of a fairly new sports recreational center.  Viva! Grill is a cross between a concession stand and a casual order-at-the-counter restaurant.  Anyway, my $8 deal entitled me to 2 soft drinks, 2 chips with salsa and 2 entrees. 

They recently added Al Pastor to their menu so I was happy to try it out.

But first, our chips with salsa came out.  The sad thing is, only one order was brought to the table.  Tisk tisk tisk.  I was going to bring it up but considering what we ordered and the salinity of the food [as it turns out], I didn't bother asking for the other order of chips.  

I ordered a Bowl of Charbroiled Chicken because they didn't have the al pastor I wanted.  

The other dish Lilly and I shared was Chips + Carne.  Both dishes were filling and they would have been great if they hadn't suffered from being over-salted.  Yes, I said it... S-A-L-T-Y.  When have I ever said something was salty?  Less than 1% of the time, I'd bet.  I love salty foods but Lilly and I agreed that the saltiness went overboard.  I mean, I couldn't tell if the tingle on my lips was from the salsa or from the amount of salt the food had.  It's a real shame too because, salt aside, I would have enjoyed my meal.  The meat was juicy and the other elements were fresh and flavorful. 

Here is the menu.

Did I mention this place is inside of a rec center?  It's really a nice facility and the games on the "pitch" look like a lot of fun.

Will I return?  Hmm I'd be willing to give it a shot.  The folks were very kind to us and open to our opinions.  I wanted to say something and Lilly saw the look in my face in embarrassment, so I bit my tongue - for her sake.  Viva! Grill delivers within a 3 mile radius, so who knows, I might give em a ring one day. 

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