Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1886 @ The Raymond (Pasadena)


La Brigada.

Summer Cocktail Menu pt. I

Summer Cocktail Menu pt. II

Battered Mushrooms with Mike's Ranch.

Summer Cocktail Menu pt. III

Paleta Pop Shot.

1886 is officially my favorite watering hole.  It seems like every time I go, I'm introduced to a new form of drink.  I've had cocktails arrive at the table with a flame in it, I've had cocktails prepared table-side, I've had a drink come with a cloud of smoke just hovering over my drink and most recently, a frozen cocktail.  And no, I'm not talking about a "frozen" margarita.  I'm talking about a cocktail ice cream bar.  I don't know if these are made to order (I wasn't paying attention) but they are frozen solid with the use of -300°F Liquid Nitrogen.  You can chalk-up, most of these techniques to theatrics, but all of the drinks, thus far, have delivered every single time.  And I do not expect them to let me down any time soon.  Popsicle aside, I had a mezcal cocktail that was garnished with 2 chicharron cubes.  I'll let you guess if I liked it or absolutely loved it.   


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