Tuesday, July 3, 2012

38° Ale House & Grill (Alhambra)


Whenever I am in Alhambra I try to stop by 38°  They have a super impressive selection of beer from a lot of the better breweries around.  My first visit here, was a few years ago.  I came because I had purchased a Restaurant.com certificate.  I remember liking the burgers but what stood out to me the most, was the beer - a lot of stuff I had never heard of before.  Well, Fast-forward a few years later and I'm more up to speed with this craft.  It's a shame I can't purchase more vouchers from that deal website though.  But that's just a testament to the restaurant/bar's popularity.  They no longer need promotion or gimmicks to sell their product.  The word is out - this place is darn good.  

On my most recent trip, I went with a flight.  Being with my non-beer drinking bud, we split the thing.  I had a couple of barley-wine ales (the far end) while the first is Dogfish's Festina Peche & Bootleggers' Golden Chaos. 


  1. I can never get used to their beers they have a bite. :/

  2. But they such a variety of them! They're bound to have a few you like.

    I have a feeling you like beer on the lighter end of the spectrum.

    I'd go with a hef or even a lambic/fruit beer. Ask to try a sour ale - those are usually more carbonated.

    I think the ones that have a "bite," as you put it, are the IPA's. I'd avoid those.

    Next time you go, tell the bartender you want something not very hoppy.