Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alondra Hot Wings (Alhambra)



Believe it or not, this was my first time at Alondra Hot Wings.  This was a last minute idea too.  I wanted to do something on the cheap and also make sure that my generic friend, Jessie (and I mean that in the sincerest possible way), would enjoy his food.  He had already eaten and enjoyed Alondra once before, so I figured this was the ideal place for a casual meal. 

We had to get wings of course.  And that, we did.  I love citrus, specifically lemon so I chose lemon pepper wings.  These particular wings are not sauced so you really get to appreciate the crispy skin.  The fry was great and the seasoning was perfect.  These were the favorite of the 2 wings we got.

The other half of the wings were chosen by Jessie.  Not being a spicy guy (what kinda Mexican are you??), he opted for honey bbq.  I thought these were too sweet and overly sauced.  Another thing I didn't particularly like was the size of them (c'mon, is this chicken or quail?!)  and the fact that these wings are not breaded and fried.  I prefer my wings with a little crunch and not having to pull flabby skin away from the bone.  I'll pass on these sauced wings.     

Speaking of sauces, I got a side of Atomic Sauce...

...but I wasn't asked to sign a waiver - maybe that's the case only when you order your wings sauced in that lava?  Anyhow, this was my first time trying a pointless and ridiculous hot sauce.  I say that, because sauces like these are not meant for normal consumption.  I mean, seriously, who the hell actually enjoys a full order of wings or anything with this degree of heat?  Consumption of this sauce is purely sport, recreation and sheer comedy.  I dipped 2 of my lemon pepper wings into the vat before I realized what I was in for.  Yes, the sauce is devilishly hot but I do think I could have finished a full order of wings bathed in this stuff.  But why would I do that?  My meal was barely beginning and already my taste buds were being obliterated.  "What was the sense in doing that?", I asked myself.  I came here to enjoy my food, not show how brave [or stupid] I am.  So, that was that.  Two atomic wings was enough for me.  But if someone wants to bet that I can't finish an order of atomic wings, bring it on!  Haha  The question isn't whether I can finish an order of atomic wings, but rather, if I should!        

For our entree, we decided to grab a pizza.  Bacon and Pepperoni was right up Jessie's ally so we custom-ordered it.  The pie was surprisingly good - better than I had expected anyway.  This is not Chicago style or New York style but a hybrid.  The crust was crisp yet the dough was spongy with a good scattering of toppings.  The pepperoni was better than the bacon in my opinion though.  The bacon was lacking a little in the flavor department.  Still, a solid pie! 



  1. HAHAHAHAHAA! Great review and especially funny on the Atomic experience...you nut! I can finish a whole with that sauce order...pppffff! A mini order! Jk...I'm sure you can but that is insane. When I do try to get brave and having good ol laughs with Tany I'll save the pinch of atomic for the end of my meal once I knw I'm done eating.

  2. Thanks!

    How is Tany's tolerance for heat? Ya, that's some wicked stuff. You had anything hotter or similar elsewhere?

    There's a place in Lakewood, I think, called Genkiyaki. I've been wanting to try their death taco. I here it's quite the feat to finish. We'll just have to see.

    Happy 4th, Chris!