Monday, July 16, 2012

Dodger Stadium Luxury Suites (Los Angeles - Elysian Park)


The entrance.

A look at the seats from where you watch the game.

Or you can relax inside and view the game on one of the many tv sets.

Some of the snacks you can get include guacamole,

tortilla chips,

and salsas.

Your options include peanuts, of course.

And certainly Dodger Dogs are available.

 How about spare ribs?

Cole Slaw?

Why not have fun and mix 'n match to make your custom dog?

Or eat as the food was intended to be eaten.  The ribs came with 3 different sauces; one was sweet, the other was smokey and the last had a little spice.

 You can also have a variety of popcorn sent up to your suite (cheese, butter, etc)

Not enough snacks for you?  How about shelled peanuts, Pretzels and trail mix.

 You can have your fridge stocked from a limited selection or if you want something else...

...You can always step outside the suite and head over to the bar nearby.  I had Firestone's Double Barrel Ale.

 Cornbread cupcake/muffin.

Towards the end of the game, a dessert carts strolls around, so make room for it.

We grabbed a slice of salted caramel popcorn cake.  

Did I mention we went on 4th of July?  

Apparently, there was a game going on too.

Not much of a game really.  I'd say this was the first time I really didn't pay any attention to the game.  I don't know, something about being isolated from the rest of the fans that, removes you from the game.

It didn't matter though.  I had no rooting interest in this game.  I think I was here much like many others were... see the show afterwards.

Thanks again Terry.  

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