Sunday, July 8, 2012

Guatemalan Enchiladas (Tostadas)

While digging in the archives (my memory card), I've come across a lot of stuff I made, drank or ate, that I never got around to posting.  I think I'm gonna set aside a certain day every week to blog about such things.   

My pop's woman made this tasty little number.  She's Guatemalan but she couldn't tell me if this dish has a name or if it's even indigenous to her motherland.  No matter.  Although, I think my narrow-minded dad didn't like it, I did.  She fried tortillas til they were toasty and topped them with lettuce, pickled red cabbage, a ground beef mixture and topped it with hard boiled eggs and grated semi-salty cheese.  I liked the dish but I wish we had some sort of salsa to drizzle over the top.  And while the egg was nice, I think a soft boiled egg, poached egg or fried egg would have been better.  Maybe the runny yolk would have filled the void of not having a sauce on the tostada for me.  But I'm just splitting hairs.  I'd gladly eat this again, as is.  



  1. Lol! The Guatemalans in my family call this dish Enchiladas. It's quite a different enchilada but an acquired good tasty dish.

  2. Dang baby, these look good!! I want some!!

  3. Sure, I'll give you some! Afterwards, we can eat some of these! ;)

  4. Thanks for the clarification, Crispy...I mean, Chrisp!

    And yes, despite the fact that they were somewhat bitter due to the cabbage, they were quite good. I don't mind bitter.