Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jake's Diner (Pasadena)


Jake's is my go-to spot now when I'm in Pasadena and I want to play a quick game of pool.  I've never had to wait to play and the rate is $10/hr.  I'm down with that.  

I never really considered getting food here especially since I'm usually in this part of the neighborhood after I've already eaten.  On a prior visit, my boy and I shared a few sliders while playing pool.  They were nothing to write home about but they weren't bad either.  They filled the need and that's all that mattered at the time.

Well, fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago, when I received an offer from Groupon for Jake's.  The deal was valid for the pool hall downstairs, food and drinks.  I nabbed one for the sole purpose of playing pool but we rarely play for more than an hour so we decided to finally have a meal there and try the alleged best burgers in Pasadena since 1947 (or whatever).

 I decided to have a milkshake, since I'm drawn to shakes when I eat at diners like this.  I went with their Oreo shake.  Nothing exciting here but it satiated my craving.

 They have a few pre-set burgers but I opted to build my own.  Pencil in hand,  I marked off sesame seed bun, 2 beef patties, chili, pepperjack cheese, bacon. jalapeños, pickles, mustard and mayo.  The burger quickly became a mess and required me to finish it off with a fork.  I didn't care.  I built the damn thing so I had myself to blame for the structure of the burger.  That's if I wanted to blame someone.  But I didn't.  Regardless of my messy burger, I liked it a lot.

 For my side, I got some deep fried pickles.  They were fried crisp and not oily but the accompanying sauce was weak.  It's basically thinned out apricot jam.

 I'm always getting grief over some of the big burgers I eat.  Now, tell me, who's burger looks bigger??  I had the chili-cheese burger.  Lilly ordered Jake's Mushroom Swiss Burger.  By the way, I didn't like this burger much.  Too much vegetation and the mushrooms were flavorless.  There was also nothing note-worthy about the regular fries.

Like I said, we have never had to wait for a table.  Then again, we arrive rather early (8 or 9pm ) and by the time we leave, the other billiards room is full and people are starting to trickle into this one.  Oh ya, one more thing - I won...again. ;)



  1. Fool, you haven't come out the winner once! We've ended TIED every single time! Next time I'll show no mercy on you!!

  2. We always end in a tie? Pppfffttt! Who the hells plays just to end in a tie?

  3. I dunno. You always want to stop once you see I'm about to win! Hehe!