Monday, July 2, 2012

Nina's Foods (Los Angeles - East LA)


Nina has not been easy to come by like she once was.  And the scene on Breed Street seems to have died down a bit.  Some nights I have a hankering for a bomb ass pambazo or a deep fried quesdilla and she is nowhere to be found.  So sad cuzz this stuff really hits the spot late at night.

Well, on a whim I decided to pass by the other weekend and to my pleasant surprise, she was there!  i wasn't even craving her goodies at the time but I just couldn't pass on the opportunity.

I wanted a pambazo but she had run out earlier.  I ordered 2 quesadillas instead but when I was dressing them, I noticed that her signature salsa de semillas was absent,  

Apparently, they don't have the scores of people that used to visit them, so they don't set-up as much food as before.  It appears as though the cops crack down on her more than in the past, explaining why there is no sign of her when I go sometimes.  And I'm sure that also contributes to why fewer people go when she is open now - people just assume she won't be there, so why look for her.  That's too bad.  

I hope she can find another location, utilize a food truck or open up a restaurant like Carmen's Antojitos around the block.  


2 deep fried quesadillas.

Nina doing her thing.


  1. Now where exactly is this at?? I can travel to East Los...

  2. Now where exactly is this at? Entre la calle? Y la?

  3. You might get lucky and catch her there on Friday or Saturday. From 8pm - 11pm or so. For the early birds, she used to give out free pozole. I'm not so sure she does that now.

    You can find her on the South Eastern block of Breed Street & Cesar Chavez. She sets up across from a Church and in front of a Social Security office.

    I hope that helps. If you go, let me know what you think. Grab a Pambazo and ask for the salsa de semillas.