Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Taco Surf (Surfside @ Sunset Beach)


It's not officially summer for me until I start to crave fish tacos.

But not just any fish tacos, they have to be Baja style, fish tacos.  You know, battered, deep fried and served up with a creamy sauce, pico de gallo,  shredded cabbage, a little salsa, guacamole and a squirt of lime?

For my money, I go down to Long Beach on Belmont to get my fix.  I'm not the type of person to get the same thing every time I go to the same restaurant, but these tacos are really good and everything else on the menu that I have tried is fairly mundane.

On my latest trip to this mini-chain, we went to the Sunset Beach restaurant.  As far as I know, this is the only one that has a full liquor license, so if you want cocktails (frozen ones as well), this is your stop.  Plus, they also have live entertainment.

But if you want better service and decent beer selection, Belmont has you covered a lot better.  I ordered a Negra Modelo to start and about 15 minutes after I had finished it, I finally got to place another order -  a Bohemia.  I was brought the same thing.  Why was I not surprised? 

In Belmont, we usually don't have to ask for a refill on the chips n salsa.  Here, you better speak up.  Yes, I know they are complimentary, but here they never refill your basket.  In Long Beach, they always refill whether you ask or not. 

I'm assuming one is hot while the other is slightly spicier than ketchup?  Kidding aside, the habanero is pretty good.

We actually did try a lil something extra the last time we went.  We got a shrimp taco - Ensenada style.  It was good but it's not the sort of taco I would crave on a hot summer day.  This one comes with sauteed vegetables.  I think this is the only other plate of food that I would recommend here.  But quite honestly, skip this particular location and go to any of their other restaurants.  I highly recommend going to Belmont Shore if you're gonna hit up Taco Surf.  I think I've had it with these folks.

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