Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Craft Beer Festival (Santa Fe Springs)


A couple of weekends ago, I had diddly to do on Saturday.  The only plans on the table were to go watch "The Campaign (not worth it & they both die in the end. jk)."  Then, I received a text from the boss woman, saying she had a pair of tickets to a craft beer event.  She was unable to go and offered them to me.  Sold!

 The event was taking place in a swap meet.  "Say What?!"  Who knew, right?  Anyway, free is free and I had...

...VIP passes.  Woop Woop!  The tickets came with a leaflet that said I'd get free admission and  five 7 ounce pours from any beer I wanted.  After that, I figured I could get beer at a reduced price or some other perk.

    Well, as it turns out, my tickets were bunk.  All they were good for was the price of admission.  Waah-waaah.  What about the VIP on the tickets, I asked??  I was told, since I didn't purchase them, they were just complimentary tickets to enter the event.  What??  Why would I go to the damn swap meet to pay $7 for an underwhelming beer selection?  Ya, some of the breweries there were good, but they all brought the lightest stuff.  Anyway, I felt duped.  I grabbed a Columbus IPA from Hangar 24 and Lilly opted for cider.  I wanted to finish my beer and scram.  This blew.  

Why would anyone pay $25 for five 7 ounce pours?  That's $25 for a little over 2 pints!  You can go to any good bar and get a better deal.  This was absurd.  I was outta there.

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