Monday, August 27, 2012

FigOly @ Luxe Hotel (Los Angeles - Downtown)


Patio/Lounge Menu cover.

 A few weeks ago, 2 much anticipated downtown restaurants opened their doors to the public for the first time.  For the most part, my attention was on their bar programs.  One restaurant, The Parish, has it's bar helmed by former Copa 'd Oro/Seven Grand bartender John Coltharp while the other, FigOly, had their cocktails created by Matt Biancaniello of Library Bar fame.  

FigOly (Figueroa/Olympic) is located on the 2nd floor of the Luxe Hotel.

 We already had other plans around town, but I just had to stop by one of these places, if not both.  Well, as difficult a decision as this was for me, I decided to make room for both.  But now, I had to choose between having 2 drinks at one place while just having one at the other.  I mean, the place just opened, so can you really just stop by for 1 drink?  I can't.  But that's precisely the pickle I was in.  I knew I would WANT to have have 2 drinks in one place while I COULD ONLY have 1 at the other.         

The Last Tango in Modena.

Initially, my intent was to have 2 drinks at FigOly because I wanted to try Matt's drinks slightly more than John's.  It's rare when I go to Matt's Library Bar because of parking/valet rates and the price of drinks ($18 now?) so when I heard Matt was behind the drink menu at FigOly, I figured now was the perfect time to enjoy his creations.  

 The rather small cocktail menu.

Well, as planned, we went to The Parish to have a single drink but as soon as I walked into the bar, I came across 3 former co-workers that work there now.  Well, suddenly, I felt obliged to stick around longer than I wanted to.  As it turns out, I had 2 drinks there and only 1 at FigOly.  In the end. I'm glad I did. 

Patio/Lounge with fireplace.

The bar area is nice enough and the view of LA Live is neat.  But I just wasn't digging the drinks as much as I had hoped and the service was terrible.  They did a good job of hiring eye candy, but I wasn't there to peruse the staff.  Don't get me wrong, I got nothing against anyone hiring bootylicious or top heavy ladies; but at least train them to do their job properly.  


My boy ordered The Last tango in Modena, but was brought out a Nusco instead.  Yes, she let him keep the drink and I had no problem with the mix-up.  But she was seldom seen and when she was, she was busy chatting it up with another table of what appeared to be her friends.  

The view directly in front of us over Figueroa.

Her nonchalant or negligent service soured on us but almost as disappointing were the drinks.  They were nothing like I had remembered having from Matt inside the Roosevelt Hotel.

Mamma Mia.

Every drink had it's issue.  One tasted too sweet, almost syrupy.  The other was over-diluted and lacking in alcohol.  The Last Tango in Modena, looked good but Jessie said the taste didn't match up.

Beer List.

Between the non-existent service and lackluster drinks, we were both glad to have spent more time and money at The Parish.  I don't think Matt is to blame for the the drinks.  Someone just wasn't making them right.  

The view over Olympic.

Needless to say, my favorite of the 2 bars is Parish, by leaps and bounds.  And that has nothing to do with the fact that old co-workers work there. I said, co-workers, not friends.  The fact of the matter is, FigOly reminded me of everything that I hate about Hollywood while The Parish reminded me of everything that I now love about Downtown LA.  

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