Sunday, August 26, 2012

Señor Fish (Los Angeles - Little Tokyo)



Chips, salsa y guacamole.  

I've never had a restaurant send out guac with chips n salsa so that was cool.  But why in plastic to-go containers.  As far as the quality of the salsa and guacamole; middle of the road.

Costa Azul - Bacon wrapped shrimp with Monterrey cheese on telera bread.  

This was just pitiful.  I didn't get any cheese.  And I'm not so certain that was a bad thing necessarily.  And what's with the mound of mayo in the center over the lemon?  What was the point of the toasted then microwaved bread?  That's what it seemed like anyway.  This was the worst dish I've had anywhere.  Just awful.

 Tacos - the real reason we came here.

Fried Shrimp Taco.

 Ensenada FishTaco & Battered Cod Taco.

We went specifically for the fish tacos, however.  All I got to say is, "Damn!"  What a huge disappointment.  Small tortillas, too much slaw, not enough seafood.  Flavorless sauces...and no lime to squeeze over the top.  I had higher hopes for a place that covets fish as these guys supposedly do.  I had loftier expectations for a restaurant that has expanded by 5 restaurants in the last few years.  Never again.

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