Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sno con Amor @ Hollywood Farmer's Marker (Hollywood)


For anyone that knows me, they can tell you that I cannot stand the sweltering summer heat.  Heck, winter heat or any heat for that matter.  I h-a-t-e it.  The perfect weather for me is a brisk 65º - and cloudy.

It's been hot all summer long - unbearably so for me.  So, a few weekends ago, I made it a point to check out a cool snow cone stand at the Hollywood Farmers Market - Sno con Amor..  What? you live in South Gate and you drove all the way to Hollyweird just for flavored ice?  Yup! Was it worth it?  Well, for one, I have no a/c at home so any drive inside an air conditioned vehicle is already leaps and bounds better than being couped-up in this oven. And two, I had heard some good things about this particular food stand.  

 The stand.

 Beet Lemonade Sno Cone.

Erase from your memory banks the notion of artificially-flavored syrupy smurf blue electric raspberry or viscous incredible hulk lime-flavored ice.  No goopy pink bubble gum flavored nonsense over ice.  These are all-naturally flavored snow cones.  

 The Menu - or what was left by the time we got there.

We arrived just before closing and luckily for us they still had a couple of flavors left.  I went knowing I wanted to try the walnut snow cone and fortunately for us, it was still available.  As for my second choice, I would have tried coconut, tamarind chile, strawberry/rhubarb, blackberry lavender or watermelon basil, but those were sold out.  So we ordered up a beet lemonade. 

Walnut Sno Cone.

The walnut snow cone made me kick myself for not having had a snow cone like this before.  Shit, if snow cones tasted like this growing up, I would have never stopped having them.  This hit the spot under the squelching heat.  Heatwave or not, this is good, period.  Seriously though, why do people pushing [artificially-flavored] raspado carts sell raspados the way they do?  These are supremely better.

Sno con Amor - right in the middle of it all.

We also tried the beet lemonade "sno" cone and that too was delicious - believe it or not.  So, was the trip worth it, you asked?  Is the sky blue?  Is water wet?  I plan on trying more flavors whether it's hot or not.  And even if I don't return soon, I hope to mimic the flavors here at home, especially since I already have the machine to churn out "snow."  And do you wanna know the best part?  I can booze mine up.  Stay tuned...  

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