Monday, August 20, 2012

Trattoria Neapolis (Pasadena)





Roxanna's Revenge - this has to be the girliest looking drink I have ever consumed.  I will say [in my defense] that I asked for...

...The Millionaire Cocktail from the Classics portion of the menu, when the bartender suggested I go another route.  Fine.  But why suggest a drink completely at the opposite end of the spectrum, I thought to myself?  Anyway, the drink wasn't bad - just not what I was looking for.  Bad bartender. Baaaad bartender! 

El Santo.


The bar.

 I had never heard of any of these beers from Italy.  Hopefully they're better than Morretti, Peroni & Porretti.

Ah, who am I kidding?  With craft beer like this, I wouldn't even bother with the "imported" stuff.

With a few exceptions, most of it is on the lighter side.  I'm sure it's more flavorful than the bottled stuff though.

I couldn't help but notice the plates of food that were coming out of the kitchen as we enjoyed our drinks.  Looking over the menu, there were several things that peeked my interest.  I'd like to return one day for dinner - and drinks, of course!

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