Monday, September 17, 2012

1886 @ The Raymond (Pasadena)


 Hibiscus Collins - Reposado Tequila, Homemade Hibiscus Liqueur, Lime, Benedictine, Indian Water Tonic, Candied Hibiscus Flower.

Sadly, my first choice was sold out.  Initially, I wanted to try their barrel-aged Vintage Caprice.  When I found out they were out of it, I opted for something refreshing since it had been [and continues to be] a scorcher.  I elected to try something new since I had almost gone over their summer menu.  Although, I knew I wouldn't love this drink, I felt like I should give it a shot.  It was okay but also probably my least favorite drink I've had here.  It was basically a souped-up Paloma.  There was nothing wrong with it, but it's not what I was craving.    

 This, however, is still one of my top 5 drinks at 1886.  Refreshing yet potent as hell, the Tranquilizer hits the spot every time.  Highly recommended.  

Things have gotten rather busy at 1886.  The night we went, the bar was full and the immediate patio outside was occupied as well.  We had to roam around the front of The Raymond to sit our asses down.  This used to be part of their outdoor dining room; it has since been converted into an extended cocktail patio.  I can't wait for the fall menu!    

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