Monday, September 10, 2012

Bar Hayama (Los Angeles - West LA)


Our view of the restaurant from...

...the outdoor patio.

Yebisu Premium - Finally, Japanese beer I can honestly say I like (like, not love).  I find most terribly light and weak.  Considering the food, the style of beer is understandably so.  Besides, much of the emphasis is placed on sake so beer takes on back seat.  Still, I'm glad to see something out there with a bit more oomph than the average Japanese brews.  

Terry put in the order for all the food but I had to have the shishito peppers.  They were good but a little overcooked.  Most of the peppers came out on the limp side.

I found the same to almost be true with the edamame - a touch overcooked but damn, I loved the flavor of the sautéed edamame with garlic soy sauce.  I could have these all day.

We followed that up with an assortment of Nigiri. 

The sushi quality was quite good.  

We also had a role of spicy tuna.  It was good but I preferred the Nigiri.

Another thing I liked were these funky tacos.  Beef Sukiyaki, is what I think they were.  After some light fare, this dish was rather filling.  Hooray for tacos!

And what do you know it, I found another beer I liked.  I even liked this one better than the first.  This one is basically a hefeweizen, an unfiltered wheat beer.  I'll be sure to look for this beer next time I'm in a Japanese restaurant.  Hooray beer!

 Spinach and Bacon - a little waterlogged but tasty and I appreciated the fact that the bacon wasn't completely rendered out.  I like a bit of fat on my bacon, not completely dry and crispy.

Mmm sausage.  Love them lil weenies.

 Banana Tempura with Green Tea Ice Cream.  Classic Japanese dessert (around here anyway).  Very satisfying.

Molten Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream.  Classic dessert everywhere.  I'm not sure which I liked more.  They were both great in their own respect.  

Apparently Shaq is a fan of this place.

Thanks to Terry for the dinner invite.  "Good food. Good friends...Good times!

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