Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chaya Downtown (Los Angeles - Downtown)



I love their Summer Biergarten.

The drinks.

Sake Sangria.


Martini from their regular Happy Hour Menu.

 Please don't ask me, "what kind?"  Please?  Thanks.

The rest of the stuff.

Albacore Tuna Poke.

Grilled Sweet Corn with Feta Cheese.

Soy Fried Chicken Karaage.

Hiyayakko Tofu Trio - Miso, Chicken & Shrimp.

Beef Tongue, Beef & Chicken Skewers.

Calamari with JalapeƱo Aioli.

Spicy Tuna-Stuffed Tempura Shishito Peppers.

An Assortment of Rolls.

Shitake Mushrooms, Shrimp & Bacon Wrapped Dates.

Deconstructed Kobe Beef Short Rib Melt.

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