Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fusion Burgers (Highland Park)



Mexican bbq aka the "al pastor" burger.  This was my favorite of the two burgers  I tasted.  I'm not sure the cheese was necessary and I would have liked heat from salsa to elevate it further.  Still, I enjoyed this burger a lot.  It had one of the juiciest patties I've had.

Part one of the burger menu.

Chocolate Shake with Powdered Cinnamon dusted on top - it reminded me of some of the the licuados I used to make with Choco Milk as a kid.  

Cheese-stuffed Tater Tots - I think these are equal to Bar l Kitchen's "crack" tots; plus, these are homemade.  They come with Jalapeño Aioli.

Sir Pork's-A-Lot - the triple pork burger.  This burger was good as well but I found the patty dense with the meat ground too much.  I would have liked some slabs of bacon on it too, rather than the fragments of bacon that were included.  I also wish the flavor of the sausage had been more pronounced.  Again, I think the burger could have benefited from some spice.   

Part 2 of the burger menu.

 The chili cheese fries were the least of my favorites.  I wish they would make an effort to make their own queso sauce rather than serve these, looking like they melted a slice of American cheese over the top.  The chili was also a little on the dull side.

Their logo on the menu.



  1. Phew! Glad this one scored better than the Taquito Mexicano. Mmm...good stuff but looks can be deceiving because I was stuffed with one burger so next time Tany and I are sharing a burger and a side of tots!

  2. Really? I didn't think the burgers were big at all. I found them to be very "Umami-esque" in size.

    Did you have the tots on your visit? You guys try something else?