Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Guisados (Los Angeles - Boyle Heights)



Part of the dining room with various featured artists on either walls.

Agua de Jamaica y Agua de Melon.  They have a riff on the Arnold Palmer where they mix limonada and jamaica.  Guisados calls it "Armondo Palmero."  Good stuff!

We got a 6 "taquito" sampler and a couple of other full-size tacos to complete our meal.

Mole Poblano.


 Papa y Chorizo,


Bistek Rojo.

Cochinito Pibil.


Fish Taco.

Chuleta de Puerco.

Some of that artwork I mentioned.

Artwork or do they actually sell Menudo?

Having been to Cook's Tortas and Guisados, I am a fan of Ricardo Diaz's food.  I look forward to checking out his other restaurant, Dorado's Ceviche Bar & his newest baby, Bizarra Capital.  My favorite of the tacos I had were the mole poblano, cochinito pibil, chuleta de puerco and chicharron.  The taco de hongo, was the only one I didn't care for.  The rest were fine.       

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