Sunday, September 23, 2012

Marcie's Pies @ Hollywood Farmers' Market (Hollywood)


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.

I had gone to Hollywood Farmers' Market a month ago to try the goodness I had read about one of their vendors - Snow con Amor.  On our way back to the car, we came across Marcie's Pies.   Immediately, that rung a bell for me but I couldn't place it.

I had to keep myself from eating more that a slice per meal.  Really good stuff.

 "What had I heard or read about these guys," I thought to myself.  Well, I couldn't recall.  But considering I had made a mental note of the place, I just had to grab a pie to take home with me.  But which one?  Hmmm They all looked very good! Some were regular crust while others had a crumb topping.

They sell pies in 2 sizes.  I got the smaller of the two.

 Well, as luck would have it, after perusing their line of pies, I ended up choosing the one I had read about some time ago on LA Weekly.  Now, I don't eat pie often, but I can say that this was a really good one.  Nothing tasted artificial, it wasn't overly sweet and it wasn't gelatinous like most fruit-filled pies are.  As far as the crust goes; the best.  The ratio of crust to filling was right.  It was flaky and the sugar crumb topping worked perfectly to contrast the slightly tart strawberry rhubarb filling.  I'm a fan! 

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