Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tacos La Estrella Truck (Highland Park)


 The truck.

The tacos.

More tacos.

The M nu (←see what I did there?).

  I'm coming close to having been to enough taco trucks and taco stands now, to say who's legit, who's a contender and who's a flat-out pretender.  Tacos La Estrella has some pretty glowing reviews, but my experience was slightly north of the equator.  The meats, for the most part, were juicy and flavorful and the salsa roja was spicy, which I liked.  But the meat wasn't warmed through.  Yes, warmed through.  When we got there, it was late and there was no line to be seen.  "Oh ohh," I thought to myself.  Well, I think, our order included meat that had been "there" for awhile.  It didn't look or taste like it had just been freshly cooked.  The meat wasn't hot but barely warm.  Damn, sucked to be me.  I'm gonna return hopefully when they're busy and I know the meat is being cooked to order.  Let's see what all the hoopla is about.        

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