Monday, September 24, 2012

The Jack Rose Cocktail

Jack Rose.

 Tid bits.

I was first introduced to this drink at Copa 'd Oro.  It was originally on their Recession Hour Special ($5!), but it's no longer printed on any of their menus.  They'll make it for you if you ask.  I just wouldn't expect any discount though.

A little history.

A little history (cont).

The players.

The preparation. 

I vehemently disagree with the scant amount of grenadine they use here.  No way you can achieve a rosy looking cocktail with just dashes of grenadine.  I used less than ½ an ounce.  Remember, the grenadine isn't just for color.  It's also a sweetener so start with a little less and adjust to your taste. Cheers!

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