Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The York (Highland Park)


I have a soft spot in my heart [and tummy] for The York.  This is where I was first introduced to craft beer and a great burger.  I always meant to come back but what The York did for me more than anything else, was make me wanna try more and more food and drinks.  For all intents and purposes, this was where I became a foodie food junkie.  No, this place isn't all that and a bag of chitlins.  I'll admit that.  But, for me, it was an introduction to food and beer of a different sort.  The menu was different from what I was accustomed to.  But the thing was, I wasn't afraid of it.  Hell, I embraced it!  And since that day, I've been on the prowl for more.  

Well, many years later, I decided it was time to stop by again.  I had just eaten down the street so I just went in for a drink, a snack and a bit of flash from the past.  Since my first craft beer and upscale burger here, I've had countless of the aforementioned elsewhere.  Although I didn't try the burger I am still calling my favorite after all these years, I plan on returning to see how I feel about it now.  I'm kinda anxious about it though.  After eating it again, I don't know that I'll feel the way I used to about it, but I'm sure it'll still be in my top 5 - or, so I hope.  My taste buds couldn't have evolved (or regressed) that much could they?  To be continued...            


Hangar 24's Alt-bier.


Fried Garbanzos.

A look at the bar.  

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