Monday, September 24, 2012

Tropicana Bakery & Cuban Cafe (Downey)



The worst complimentary bread ever

The bread was of poor quality and toasting it so much made it impossible to chew without crumbs flying everywhere.  No dip, sauce or butter for it - just hard slightly seasoned bread.  Why??

Piña Colada Milkshake.

I wanted to try a passion fruit shake, but they were out so I went with a non-alcoholic Piña Colada.  No booze here, unfortunately.

Croquetta de pollo y jamon (the mozzarella stick looking thing), Pastelito de carne molida y empanada de chorizo.

The croquetta I hated both in flavor and texture.  It was all mush.  No contrasting texture or flavor.  I'm sorry but It tasted like a cross between health food and animal feed.  The chorizo filling was so-so in the empanada but the dough was too think and hard.  The only one of these starters I did like was the carne molida pastelito.  The filling is what I enjoyed the most.  It was savory with a touch of sweetness.  The dough again, I wish had been softer.  I guess that's how it goes when they don't make em fresh and bring you the ones that have been sitting out behind the glass case at the counter.

 Materva Soda.

We wanted to try some of the sodas we had never heard of and our server told us that this one tasted like mate.  Thanks a lot.  Spanish please?  I don't know what the hell mate is, but to me, it tasted like a tamarindo soda.  Not as concentrated as Jarritos makes it.  This soda has more carbonation too.  I liked it.

Papa Rellena de Espinaca y Queso con Papa Rellena de Carne Molida.

Finally, food I liked.  I enjoyed both of these rather large balls.  

Balls Anatomy.

I give a slight nod to the spinach stuffed potato balls.  I tend to lean towards deep fried cheesy things so, this one was an automatic winner for me.

More Croquettes.  Why??

Our server remembered that she had brought out an incomplete order earlier and rather than send one out to complete the order, she sent a couple.  It was nice of her to have sent out an extra, but next time gimme more balls cuzz these logs sucked.  Sorry once more.  

Iron Beer.  Again, non alcoholic.

If you like root beer, this is for you.  It's milder in flavor but it should satiate your craving since they do not carry root beer.

Plato de Lechon - Roasted pork leg marinated in citrus mojo and topped with grilled onions.

The pork was a little dry but the mojo with pork rendering, fat, garlic and crunchy chicharron, made it better.  The tostones I chose as a side were bland and boring but the Congri (dirty rice) was excellent.  I think I liked it better than the pork!

 Vaca Frita - Cuban shredded flank steak fried with garlic and onions.  

The better dish, however, was the vaca frita.  I preferred the beef over my pork and the sweet plantains miles ahead of my tostones.

Guava & Cheese Pastry.

While there were some hits and [severe] misses, their sweets have always hit the mark for me.  The guava and cheese dessert, which they're famous for, reminded me of why I started going there to begin with.  Now, while the dinner wasn't an absolute failure, I think I'll stick to their desserts.  

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