Monday, October 29, 2012

Bar l Kitchen (Los Angeles - Downtown)


Bar l Kitchen.

Starter Bread.

El Abuelo.

For the record; I did not ask for something "cool."  But, I found it hilarious that my drink order went to the bar that way.  

Bone Marrow.

Chicken Confit.

My Burger with...

...obligatory [crack] Truffle Tots.

Green Flash's Double Stout.


Shrimp and Grits.

A shot of Sherry - for the Bone Luge, of course!

Thanks for volunteering, Lizzie.  You were a good sport!  I hope you'll come out with us again really soon - conventional shots next time (if any).  ;) 


  1. My sister will never go out with us again! Way to go Memo!

  2. Ohhhh shush! She will go out with us again AND LIKE IT!

    Next time, shots via tripitas!