Monday, October 8, 2012

L.A. Creamery @ Umamicatessen (Los Angeles - Downtown)


Nieve de manteca.  Hahaha Jajaja.

Available only by the pint for $9 at Umamicatessen.

I was hoping they would have the mezcal ice cream I've been looking for but they didn't.  Check out the awesome variety of flavors here.  

The verdict?  Hmm...well, for one, it's not too sweet.  The lard is present but not pronounced and the porkiness is dull so don't expect any trace of bacon/smokiness.  Understandably so, there is more of a mouth-feel after you are done with your ice cream.  I was glad I bought the novelty ice cream, but to me, that is all it is.  There are better ice creams from LA Creamery.  This isn't one of them.  Interesting, yes.  Delicious, not so much. 

  The absinthe ice cream is better.  It is creamier and full of anise flavor. Because of the high alcohol content, this stuff starts to melt quickly.  No matter, I still managed to finish it before it turned to soup.


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