Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stacked (Cerritos)






Okay, so you've seen the outside from every possible angle.  Here's a look inside.

The concept here is similar to The Counter's where you build your own burger.

But here, you order off an iPad.

Jessie, went with a seasonal from Hennepin.

While I went with Stone's Cali-Belgique.

Jessie's creation.

My creation.  Seriously, the hamburger came with this huge romaine leaf spear sticking out of it.  Ridiculous, is all I gotta say about that.

My burger sans the absurd garnish.  When I build my own, I tend to keep it minimal.  I usually add some sort of cheese, bacon and 1 or 2 more things.  Here I opted for pickles.  The burger was good but the patty could have been better.  It wasn't very beefy and the seasoning was lacking.  The best part of the burger was the bacon.

White Rascal from Avery Brewing Co.

We split an order of waffle chips and fries.  The fries were sub-par.  They were not fresh out of they fryer and not very crispy.  The chips on the other hand, were better.  I liked the blue cheese dip I ordered to go with them.

Serious, Jessie??  Dude, you only had 2 drinks! haha

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