Monday, October 1, 2012

The Counter (Torrance)


Brioche, 2/3 lb beef patty, Danish blue cheese, coleslaw, spicy pepperoncinis, applewood smoked bacon & roasted garlic aioli.

What can I say, I make a mean burger.  I kid!  I liked my creation but what stood out to me was how juicy and beefy the patty was.  I also appreciated the char they encrusted it with.  The rest of the components were above par for the course but truly, the star was the patty.  Impressive.    


If you don't want to build your own, they have a handful of signature burgers you can pick from the menu.  But where's the fun in that??

 The "fifty-fifty."  

For our sides, we split an order of sweet potato fries and crispy onion straws.  These came out with 3 sauces - ranch, honey mustard and bbq.  I like sweet potato fries but I'm slowly getting over the novelty of them.  That said, these were fried really well and not greasy at all.  The same can be said about the onion straws.  Normally, I am weary of onion rings.  More times than not, they are battered too heavily, they come out oily and when you take a bite, the breading pulls away from the onion leaving you with a bare ass "onion c" in your hand.  Bleh.  These fried onions were crispy, not greasy and the coating adhered well.  If only more restaurants prepared them this well, I'd order them more frequently.

Terry's burger.

What gives, man?  After a night of drinking suds, you go healthful on me and order a wheat bun with a thin unrecognizable [vegan?] patty, arugula, sauteed mushrooms, roasted green chiles...  Is there any sauce in there?  Shame on you, Ter'! I'm kidding man.    

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