Monday, October 8, 2012

Umamicatessen (Los Angeles - Downtown)


Manly Burger.  You know they have other burgers/food items on the menu, right, Jessie?  haha

Beach House Amber.

I've never been to Strand Brewery in Torrance.  I liked what I had and I've heard good things about the place and people there so a visit will be in order soon.

Hoof & Mouth Sandwich.

I loved my sandwich.  It reminded me of banh mi - but better!  The bread was especially good and the cuts of meat were tender and lip-smackingly (fatty) delicious.  I'm glad I went with a beer rather than a cocktail.  It made for a better pairing.

Because the burger and sandwich do not come with sides, we grabbed some cones of pork corn and pig ears.  Ahhh, I was in...

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