Monday, November 5, 2012

Bacaro LA (Los Angeles)


Beer list.

With the exception of a few of these beers, the list has pretty much remained the same in the 3 years that I have gone here.

Flying Dog's Imperial Porter.

I hate when they pour the beer for you and give you an abundance of head (Insert joke here). 

 Hot small plates menu.

Crispy pig's ears.  

I like these better than the Umamicatessen version.  These weren't fried so crisp that all of the fat was rendered out.  Just think of bacon;  Who likes bacon with absolutely no bit of fat left on it.  You want it crisp yet malleable.  The accompanying sauce was great.  It's the same chipotle based sauce they use to dress Noah's Cauliflower.   

Cold small plates portion of the menu.

Salt cod cakes with dill emulsion.

This was the first time I've seen this dish on their menu.  I loved the cake!  Not much filler, mostly fish, moist inside, crispy outside and a creamy sauce to complement it.  

Eggplant stuffed with lamb.

Ehh, this was probably the least of my favorite dishes I have ever had here.  It's not that I didn't like it.  It's just that everything else is so much better.  Besides, I'm not the biggest fan of lamb or eggplant - so you have those variable.  That being said, the lamb was not gamey at all and the eggplant could have been a portabello for all I knew.  It was okay.

The current pizzettes on the menu.

Although we didn't try one this time, I recommend the bacon and brie one.  

Pork belly skewers.


Grilled chicken breast, risotto cake, lemon, jalapeño & caper sauce.

If I could only have one dish here, it would be this.  It's one of my favorite dishes around period.

Fuller's Organic Honeydew.

If you are trying to get into beer or don't like it much, give this a shot.  The best way for me to describe it is to say It's a cross between a cider and an ale.  No bitterness at all (for me anyway) and plenty of honey in the nose and taste. 

 Grilled hangar steak with grilled zucchini and bernaise.

 The menu read that the meat came with asparagus but zucchini was sent out instead.  All good, but I would have preferred the asparagus.  The meat, as always, was good.  I really like this cut of meat.  I just wish more restaurants offered it.  

All in all, we enjoyed another great dinner at Bacaro LA.  Aside from the great food, another reason to go is that the plates are $8 bucks each and if you order 3, you get them for $21.  Since we love the small plates concept, we take full advantage of this deal.  But for some reason, on this trip, we ordered 6 plates and paid the full price.  Why?  I don't know.  The special is still in effect.  I should have checked the bill before paying.  My bad for not checking. Oh well.        


  1. I agree with you about the chicken breast and risotto cake. If I could only eat one dish for the rest of my life, that would be it. Well...maybe that along with potatoes and artichokes! Hah!

  2. I'm glad you and I have similar tastes. Otherwise - Next!! ;-)