Monday, November 19, 2012

Libra Churrascaria (Culver City)


All you can eat meat??  I think if I went enough times, I could join the likes of these guys.  Not that I'd want to.  Just sayin'.

First, some refreshments.

My Caipirinha - Cachaca, lime, sugar.  Yes, Caipirinha is a refreshment for me.

Lilly's Sangria.  Why is it so hard to find a place that makes a very good sangria?  This one was middle of the road.

Xingu.  My second time having this oddball brew.  Again, I didn't mind it.  Not my favorite but not bad either.  

And, let the games begin!

Brazil Bread.  

Roasted corn, garbanzo salad, smoked salmon with capers and red onion, caprese salad, shrimp with cocktail sauce and green bean salad.

Garlic Picanha.

Skirt steak - my favorite cut all night.  It was flavorful, juicy, tender and had a perfectly charred crust.  Good stuff!

Speaking of good stuff, this dude was on his game.  So much so that, I called the manager over and told him what an awesome job this guy and the rest of the staff (for that matter) were doing. 

Lamb chop.  It wasn't too gamey so I enjoyed it thoroughly.

 I wanna say this was filet mignon.  Forgive me, but my memory can barely retrieve bits of information from the night before...let alone a meal I had weeks ago.

 Garlic chicken.

More foliage - Grilled zucchini, marinated artichoke hearts and marinated mushrooms.

 Brisket?  Ya, brisket.  Final answer.  Doh!

Top sirloin?

Okay, I need to break up the uncertainty with things I am fairly certain of.  That is, until I dive back into the mystery meats.  Here I grabbed some more stuff from the salad bar.  Beats, salumi, prosciutto, blue cheese, brie, marinated mushrooms and essentially a pico de gallo. 

Ribeye and prime rib.

Lentil stew.

[spicy] Brazilian sausage and beef ribs.

Smoked sausage and chicken hearts.

Creamed corn, mashed yucca, grilled eggplant/zucchini and my favorite side, the roasted bananas.

Bacon chicken.

My least favorite items were these yucca fries and polenta cakes.  They had very little flavor, were dry and hard.  No bueno. 

I'm not sure what this is.  There was so much carnage and some cuts of meat that we got were repeats.  The whole thing was overkill.  But I gladly accepted it. 

Grilled pineapple next to more nameless meat.  

Okay, it was time to slam the brakes.  Alto! Alto! 

This was my first time dining at a Brazilian steakhouse.  And It won't be my last.  I had fun gorging on plate after plate of meat but I have to say, although the service was fantastic, the sides were a little tame and the meats were a little on the salty side.  If you have just a few bites of meat, you probably wouldn't notice.  But after several cuts of meat, it starts to hit.  Also, the meats are cooked in the same manner.  Meaning, they are all spiced pretty much the same so the flavor can get monotonous after awhile.  If, and when, I return here or another churrascaria, I'd like to try the national dish of Brazil, Feijoada.  Unfortunately, they only offer this here for lunch on weekends or if you call ahead of time to ask for it.  The all-you-can-eat meatfest is a great deal for dinner and an absolute steal for lunch.  That applies here at Libra or any other Brazilian steakhouse that I know of.           


  1. Dang I still can't believe we ate so much! Super worth the extra 20lbs though! Haha

  2. I was proud of you, flaquita! Why, I haven't seen you cram so much meat inside your pie hole since... ;)