Saturday, November 17, 2012

One Eyed Gypsy (Los Angeles - Dowtown)


Okay, I'm waaaay behind on this here blog.  I've been stuck on Halloween and Thanksgiving is just a few days away!  Anyway, I'm gonna fire away at a few posts before then and hopefully catch up a bit.

Things were really bustling over at One Eyed Gypsy.  I'm not sure they had a theme to go along with the holiday but everyone was having a good time.  This was, by far, the busiest of all the bars we hit up.  

 There's Waldo!

 There's punch [and hipster beer]!

At this stage, I was trying to collect myself after a long but fun night out so I went with an ole reliable - Rare Vos from Ommegang.

Here you go, Jessie Yessie!  You and your fetish...

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